Working The Single Reed

Adjust reeds simply and effectively


Simple, inexpensive tools

Encourage reed stability and consistency

How to scrape:
do so
without fear

Where to scrape

James Campbell
Professor of Clarinet
Jacobs School of Music
Indiana University


Save money, time and frustration!
Make more reeds play well!

This is the definitive How-To DVD on easy reed adjusting techniques for the commercial single reed. Use simple techniques to:

• Fix unresponsive reeds
• Make more reeds play well
• Learn how to scrape a reed
• Learn where to scrape a reed
• Have more reed stability
• No more waterlogged reeds
• Adjust the Légère Reed

This DVD will pay for itself before you make 10 reeds play that you would have normally discarded!

Working The Single Reed is available now for only $30!
It is also available for iPod for only $15, no shipping!

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An Instructional DVD on adjusting clarinet and saxophone reeds

This is the finest instructional DVD available on basic reed work. It will help all single reed players from the youngest of students to the professional. These are "life" skills for adjusting the single reed.

Author David Bourque has been a member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for over 25 years. His practical knowledge of the clarinet, bass clarinet and how reeds work is legendary.